Dandiya Sticks

One can purchase fancy dandiya sticks available in the market that come for Rs 80 and more for a pair or you can buy simple dandiya sticks and decorate them at home. It's your call since you would be dancing with them.
Look around and you'll see dandiya sticks galore in the market.
In most of the dandiya venues, one can find bamboo stick-like dandiyas… well, they are Rs 5 to Rs 10 a pair. But no, you cannot decorate them as it is too slender and fragile. Other sticks that are a little thicker are best for decoration. These cost around Rs 25 a pair.
One can use silken threads designed with colourful items like zari, sitaras (star-shaped spangles), beads. Designs can vary . According to Bijal Shah, a resident of Belapur, there are simple ways to make attractive dandiya sticks.
Before you jazz up your dandiya sticks, you need to make sure that you have the following items:
1. Silk threads (of any bright colour)
2. A pair of scissors, cotton threads to tie knots, beads
3. Sitaras, golden threads
4. Glue
5. Any liquid colour of your choice


1.Take approximately 30-inch silk thread strands in a bunch. If you want to make colourful sticks, take different coloured threads and combine them together.

2.Make a tight knot with a cotton thread at around three-fourth length of the stick from the bottom. The remaining one-fourth will be used to add decorative materials. Now cut both ends of the silk thread with a pair of scissors. Make sure the knot is really tight.

3.On the one-fourth portion of the stick, use colourful beads or sitaras. Golden threads or colourful zari borders can also be added to make it more gorgeous.

4.At the end of the dandiya, put ghungroos or little bells to give that traditional touch.

5.One can use liquid colour too, to give a different look to their dandiyas.

6.Let your imagination and creativity guide you in colourful ways to make your own designer dandiyas!