Garba / Dandiya Tips

Do you want to be a crowd-puller in the forth-coming Navaratri festival ? Here are some tips & special guidances by expert dandiya coach Rajesh Joshi. Let's have a glance.

Rajesh has been teaching dandiya and garba for nine years and has trained more than 3000 students. He is passionate about dancing & has won many prizes at dandiya competitions. The course at his academy "Kala-Maitri" is for 15 days, during which you are guaranteed proficiency in dandiya and garba.The steps, invented by Rajesh himself, are a fusion of traditional dandiya & garba steps & steps borrowed from hindi films & disco. Some of the steps includes Lehree (wave like movements), Trikoniyu (hands movement forming an imaginary triangle), butterfly, janz, hudo, popatiyu, dodhiyu, simple five, simple seven, simple 7 speed circle, three claps up and down single jerk double circle and many many more.......

Here are some tips according to Rajesh that will make you a crowd-puller...

* During Navaratri put on bright or deep color costumes such as red, green, orange, blue etc.....

* As soon as the music starts, go near the stage and start playing. Don't bother if nobody on the ground is dancing. People will be attracted and there will be a crowd around you.

* When you are shaking your face like a classical dancer keep a bright and lovely smile on your face in such a way that people just gaze at you.

* Before designing your dress see to it that they play an important role in your grace.

* Girls should put a big "Tika". If possible use a lipstick, so that it does not spread due to perspiration.

* While taking circle steps, if u get tired, don't leave your game and come out, instead slow down leg steps.

* Even if you are tired, keep a smiling face.

How to keep up stamina during Navaratri ? :

*Take food items which are full of calories but light such as cheese, soup, juice, butter etc.....

*If possible keep glucose powder, drink it during the day.

*Don't drink cold drinks at all & during two rounds instead of eating canteen food, eat fruits.

*Take enough sleep during the day.

Dandiyazone thanks Rajesh Joshi for providing these tips.