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Aartis as the name strikes are the strothas that are sung in praise of deities. It is an act of showing reverence to a particual god or goddess, through invocations, prayers, songs, and rituals. An essential part of aarti for the Hindu devotee is making a spiritual connection with the divine. Navratri which is the most widely celebrated Indian festival is unique because here the Divine power or Parashakti is respected and praise

  1. Ma Jay Aadya Shakti
  2. Parvati Mata Ki Aarti
  3. Jagdamba Kali Maa ki Aarti
  4. Santoshi Mata Ki Aarti
  5. Laxmi Mata Ki Aarti
  6. Aarti of Saraswati Mata
  7. Maa Vaishno Devi ki Aarti
  8. Kali Maa Aarti
  9. Jai Mata Di – Sri Durga Chalisa